Massive poker game styles – Loads of tournaments, satellites and freerolls – Rewarding system – VIP status benefits – Various game modes – They allow third party software for statistics collection – Fast support – If your debit/credit card is on a local currency, you are offered the option to deposit in that currency to avoid being taxed extra fees by your bank. Poker Stars can convert your local currency in the Dollar/Euro balance. – Sports betting. For when you get tired of poker you can try some of the live action football betting. Or whatever sport you’re into.
Huge variety of players can offer a very unpleasant experience: 1.Like I previously said you either get stuck with beginners or trolls. These ones will ruin all your hopes of playing slow or tactical poker. I’m talking about low stakes games. 2. Experienced players (sharks) are usually found at tables/tournaments with medium to high buy-ins/stakes. A decent poker knowledge but first and foremost patience is needed. The software might deal you terrible cards on a long run so remain focused on building a slow bankroll with all the possible tricks to survive. – The online casino with slot games. While the selection of games is not the worst, it would seem that payout rates are very very bad. I would not recommend you to play big amounts of money unless you don’t see any positive results in your bankroll.

Pokerstars has been my first online platform where I tried virtual poker and somehow is still one of my favourites. There is no doubt, they are the worldwide leading platform for poker online

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