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GG Poker is a relatively new face in the online gambling business. Launched in 2014 with it’s main focus for the Asian
market it is also present in some parts of Europe also.

GG Poker is a relatively new face in the online gambling business. Launched in 2014 with it’s main focus for the Asian market it is also present in some parts of Europe also. I have discovered this website thanks to their sponsorship deal that they had with Daniel Negreanu (which is my favourite poker player of all-time). The 200% bonus for up to 600 dollars may be attractive but you need to be careful and read the terms and conditions for releasing the money. You might find it very difficult and unclear, so if you are not experienced with this it’s better you don’t use this offer.

Interesting fact about them is that due to licensing procedures, they operate more than 10 versions of their website (called skins) in Europe, China, Turkey, Israel, Latin America, among other markets. They also are legally operating in Sweden, Estonia, Ireland (their main headquarters being in Dublin, the capital of Ireland), and Latvia.

The software is available in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Turkish.

GGPoker is playable on iOS and Android aswell, and the interface is mainly smooth (but sometimes can lag a lot) and user friendly. Cool fact about it is that the phones don’t necessarily need to be in landscape mode in order to run the platform.


The type of table poker games that can be found on GGPoker are: GG Masters Yearly leaderboard to define a new ambassador with a weekly tournament. VIP Games High stakes tables (min $25/$50) of all formats; such games can also be accessed from each tab. All-In or Fold A popular game among the Asian community with only two options preflop: all-in or fold. Rush & Cash Fast-fold poker, only NLH for now. Hold’em All regular Hold’em tables. Omaha All regular Omaha games. Short Deck All regular 6+ Hold’em games (CNY) Tournaments All available tournaments.

Some interesting feature that the GGPoker client offers are some custom game modes which in my opinion adds a lot to their cool factor. Here are some of them:

The Straddle: this mode brings an additional preflop bet that gives the players the possibility to act last on the postflop; People that like stalling a lot at the tables should love this mode (me personally not a very big fan of it).

The Run it Twice: deal up to 3 additional boards after all-in; Not very new idea but welcomed always especially for players that do not trust fully their chances of winning the pot.

The Rabbit Hunt: This mode helps offer the possibility for players to see the cards that would have been dealt if all the people at the table didn’t fold; For statistics afficionados i suppose this is a great tool which can be used on improving future play strategies.

The All-In Insurance mode is your friend to help out in case a very bad beat occurs. Something that nobody would like to see.

GG Poker Jackpots is a feature that rewards players winning or losing with big hands. There are three poker jackpots you could hit depending on which poker mode you play: 1)The All In or Fold jackpot can be triggered with a combination of straight flush in the No Limit Holdem or a royal flush in Pot Limit Omaha. 2)The Big Hand Jackpot played at regular No Limit Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha tables. Four of a kind or better is required to trigger this jackpot. 3)Flush Jackpot played in the 6+ poker format requires a hand that contains a flush or better cards in order to trigger the jackpot. Prizes vary depending on how many players are charged additional fees and they also require certain conditions to be obtained. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Another interesting feature that this platform offers is the possibility of poker players to transfer funds between each other. All you need is the e-mail of the player which funds will be sent to. Bear in mind that the poker player receiving the money will need pay in rake at least 10% of the amount that will receive.

Let’s talk about country restrictions now. Although they have expanded quite fast since they launched in 2014, they also had to leave some of the markets due to restriction imposed by local authorities. In this list the following countries do not offer the possibility for players to use any of the GGPoker platforms: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Curacao, Georgia, Greece Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Mauritania, Norfolk Island, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Slovakia, Switzerland Tunisia, UAE, United States of America, Yemen.

Do not try to use VPN (or if you do, use it at your own risk). If you are trying to play from a restricted area, you will most likely get banned straight away when you will attempt any withdrawal (if it’s the case). There are several cases of players that tried to bypass the system and it didn’t work out. Regardless of the withdrawal amount, there is a good possibility that someone will investigate thoroughly your request before they will release any money into your account.

Rewarding programme: GG Poker have the loyalty programme called Fish Buffet. It’s a semi-VIP programme offering rakeback to it’s players. All players registered receive points (FB points) while playing at the tables. The VIP statuses (from highest to lowest) are: Shark, Whale, Octopus, Crab, Goldfish, Shrimp and Plankton. Each of these statuses are divided in tiers (from lowest to highest); Plankton and Shrimp each with 1 tier. Goldfish and Crab each with 3 tiers. Octopus and Whale each with 5 tiers and finally the highest of all, Shark which is divided in 6 tiers. The rakeback percentage fluctuates between 15% and 50% with money prizes between 50 cents and 1000 dollars. There is a required period of time to achieve these levels, and if you fail to complete them, whatever points you had above the last level will be deducted and converted into a 10% rakeback.

Payment alternatives available in their platform are: Visa, Mastercard Neteller, Skrill and ecoPayz and even BitCoin ranging from deposit or withdrawal limits of $10-$50000 depending on which type of option you use. There is no processing fee with a withdrawal limit of up to 50,000$
monthly. The usual waiting period for a withdrawal to be processed can take between 1 and 6 working days.

Customer support: Support agents handle the customers with high efficiency. Usually they respond pretty quick to any queries done through e-mails and also you can search and get help on their Facebook page. The frequently asked questions section comes with decent coverage of the general interest.

Overall, GG Poker is definetly worth a try and seeing the numbers of new players growing fast, it has the potential to become a top 3 poker provider worldwide.

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